Cheese vs Mouse Trap

A lot of web companies try to sell bigger, better, expensive solutions. But they assume organizations have the right cheese for their mousetrap. Many non-profits are quoted web solutions in the six-figure range when a low-cost solution with the right cheese can catch the same mouse.

Your organization has a great story and it needs to be told.

Todd knows how to spot complicated problems and he knows how to fix them without overspending. But the best part is that Todd understands how to cultivate relationships through the internet that yield the desired results for your organization.” – Roger Kemp – Kemp and Company

A simple analysis of digital assets, social media posts, and website content will reveal tweaks and changes that can occur to boost visitor and donor retention.

Make sure you balance your mission with your stories to engage donors into being a part of what you do vs justing looking in the window from afar. Turn your social media into the cheese that can’t be resisted.

“I have seen 300+% growth in Facebook fans with-in months of tweaking post times and content. Marrying social media content with other digital channels goes a long way to solidifying organizational messaging.”
Todd Turner