As email response rates plummet, it is harder and harder to know “When to send,” “How often” and “What to send.” Auto-responders are a good start but putting new names into your normal email flow can be “tough messaging.” Drip email campaigns, welcome flows, lapsed donor flows, and campaign sign-ups are proven methods to engage valuable contacts in your house file.

“… Another area where Todd excels is his vision. He is very good at knowing what the end result needs to be, setting project goals, and directing others towards achieving the targeted goals. Finally, Todd brought a very positive can-do attitude along with a very strong work ethic to the office every day, and it was contagious.” – Bryan Rogers – Web Manager Insight for Living

Subject lines, from field, email templates, wording, branding, calls to action, landing pages, timing, analysis of responses… all lead to effective email campaign short and long-term success.

A/B testing and simple changes to where call to actions live in the email can make a world of difference. Even the wording of a link can cause MAJOR increases or decreases to click-throughs… and ultimately, land page conversions.

Give your emails and Church Communications an overhaul today!

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