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“A Digital Audit is what many organizations need. Outside eyes can find holes and opportunities in strategies, ask the right questions, and look at the numbers objectively.”

Looking for a way to get your digital strategies and costs under control? Let a Digital Audit help find your organization’s light house and get your team rowing towards it.

Does your non profit need an audit?

– Are you constantly hearing from employees, vendors, board members, etc that you need the next silver bullet or software or campaign to be “successful?”
– Do you receive reports and excuses about why your last efforts was a success or failure but feel like you are missing some key information? – Do you frequently wonder if social media is really worth all the effort and man hours?
– Do you wish you could concentrate on your ministry and fundraising and not have to look so deep into Digital costs, trends, conferences, and employee skill sets?
– Would you like fresh eyes to come give you an executive level feedback on your current and future campaigns and strategies?

What exactly is a Digital Audit?

– A one day commitment to take a look into your organization’s mission, digital team(s), strategies, and priorities via a Zoom call and information exchange.
– An hour+ with the executive director and/or ministry founder to reveal details of goals and needs of the ministry.
– Team meeting(s) with employees who can supply answers to key questions and data/reports of current campaigns.
– A roll up our sleeves brainstorming sessions for everyone’s thoughts and opinions of next steps and challenges.

– Executive level feedback of “identifying next steps” and adjustments to put the team rowing to the same lighthouse and moving the needle on new names and increases donations.

How does a Digital Audit Work?

– Schedule a 15 minute call with Todd Turner to pick a day for the digital audit and make sure there is a match of needs and services.
– Organization prepares for the meeting but commiting to engaging on the Audit Day and bringing reporting and data to the meeting so we can see our baselines on donors, average gift, new names, etc?
– We spend a busy but profitable day rowing in the same direction and leave with valuable informations, take-a-ways, and a lighthouse.

“When you’re looking for someone to guide you toward success in the digital domain, you need to engage Todd Turner.”

Roger Kemp – RK Media

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