Overwhelmed at all the technical terms, trends, options, costs, and invoice signings for your organization’s digital strategies?

Well you have come to the right place.

I’m Todd Turner, former Executive Vice President for an International organization, and I have traveled the world learning and teaching digital strategies in various countries and languages. I have gathered the essentials of Digital Strategies and spend my day helping organizations cut out the trends and learn to block and tackle their online fundraising strategies.

I am allowing ONLY Executives of Christian Organizations in… no vendors, no high pressure sales, no gimmicks… into this closed Facebook group.

Benefits of Group


  • Stats and information you can use with your team.
  • Layman terms of tech talk.
  • Industry Standards
  • Benchmarks of Digital Fundraising

Be Fed

  • Small to mid-sized non-profits have a lot of leaders and staff wearing many hats. Sometimes, it feels overwhelming.
    This group will encourage you along the way. Weekly posts of bible verses and inspiration.

Get Connected

  • Rub elbows with other leaders running kingdom minded organizations all across the globe.
  • Not everyone is technical (or even wants to be) but we all must lead those that are.

God “could” blow a winning lottery check against the window of every non-profit… but He doesn’t typically do that. Yet, we have something that TRUMPS every Best Practice… The Holy Spirit and a God that moves people to do and fund HIS work. What God wants, He funds. But WE must prepare the horse for battle. When we operate within this tension and balance, we find success. Join other faith based non profits looking to find balance between best digital practices and faith in a BIG God.