Tired of chasing “technology or trends” in the hope that you are doing the right things to increase your mission AND raise funds needed to continue your God inspired vision?

I’m Todd Turner, Creative Digital Guide, and I have been called into assist organizations whose leaders are tired of pouring resources into “ideas.” Executive Directors and Executive Pastors who are tired of not being able to measure sucess while being told to chase idea, trends, sftware, and magic bullets.

I have seen ministries put Social Media strategies in place with no real plan of what to do with the “fans” and “likes.” Email collections campaigns on websites with no plans for a welcome flow and conversions. Giving Day ideas with no plans of how to execute or what to expect.

How is a Non-Profit Leader to Green light or red light digital strategies?

There is an easy way to IDENTIFY YOUR DIGITAL LIGHTHOUSE and use this new lighthouse to make key decisions for your team’s campaigns, goals, and energy. Your organization can focus on collecting new names, story telling, ministering, and funding your vision… instead of guessing the next “suggested thing” from your staff, vendors, or board of directors.


What will you learn:

Learn a mindset to see all projects throughput on a lens to see all ideas and suggestions through.

Learn to Say NO
Not every idea is a silver bullet. In fact, most aren’t. Success takes a little of this and little of that.

Manage employees, vendors, and volunteers ideas
Give your team the rules of the “Lighthouse” so they can self analyze BEFORE they make suggestions for the next idea.

Gain Real World Examples of Digital Success
I have collected some helpful case studies that will show what happens when organizations KNOW their lighthouse.

Encouragement for Executives of Non-Profits
You are not alone. I have made so many mistakes over the last few decades, I can help you navigate through the ever changing digital landscape.

Bonus Material
Walk away with some practical take-a-ways and a next-step worksheet.

Todd Turner – Creative Digital Guide