Need help with your church’s digital generosity efforts?
Think online giving is uncharted territory?
Tired of spinning your wheels and wasting valuable resources?

Covid sent churches online in 2020. We all scrambled trying to squeeze Sunday into a “web” experience.  We adjusted, learned, tweaked, and grew our online ministries and experiences.

Yet, most churches are still decades behind the art of creating and sustaining online givers.

Faith Based Organizations and Non-Profits have been cultivating online givers for decades…  Their methods and tactics are sometimes simple, sometimes complex, but most of all, they are PROVEN.

Churches across the country are learning these simple methods to increase giving within their memberships and even attendees.

Even if your church can’t afford a high priced consultant. Even if you are a non-technical staff member. Even if your church digital team is not every big. You can gain more givers and learn to use your digital strategies to engage your members online with some simple tactics.

My name is Todd Turner and I help churches and organizations tighten their donor messaging on and off line and create proven campaigns that engage church members, increase giving, and create monthly givers. As the EVP at insight for Living with Pastor Chuck Swindoll for over a decade, I have years of experience with online donors from around the globe.

I have put over two and a half decades of Online Digital Strategy success and case-studies into ONE 3 lesson Church MasterClass.

There are many small to mid-sized churches who simply can’t afford to put a full time digital strategist on a retainer. And I wanted to share the knowledge that my clients are using everyday to increase church online generosity.

Gain confidence that your digital efforts are being used to grow your ministry and engaging your members online.


  • Understand why people give to mission
  • Optimize your donation pages
  • Create high converting giving opportunities
  • Collect more 1st time Givers
  • Learn the difference of donors vs givers
  • Get your team rowing in the same direction
  • Collect more monthly givers

How this Course Works

  • 3 Week MasterClass
  • 1 Hour of Class per week
  • Take at your own pace
  • Lifetime Access per Church
  • Watch Videos individually or as a group

Benefits of Course

  • Get Leadership, Staff, and Vendors on same page.
  • New staff can onboard your organization by taking the course.
  • Save money on expensive conferences and travel.
  • Purchase by organization and ANY staff member has access.
  • Much cheaper than yearly retainer of consultant.
  • Learn what others pay MUCH more for.

When you’re looking for someone to guide you toward success in the digital domain, you need to engage Todd Turner.

— Roger Kemp

Todd is truly a creative genius and a delight to work with.

— Harmony Grillo

I would recommend Todd for any organization’s digital and marketing needs without hesitation.

— Rhome Van Dyck

I have no hesitation to recommend Todd. I would work together with him in a heartbeat.

— Wayne Stiles