Need help with your Christian organization’s digital generosity efforts?

I have created an online course to help small to mid-sized Christian Organizations get their digital strategies on solid ground and moving forward and in the right direction.

If your organization desperately needs help but does not have the budget to pay the $5,000 one-time investment into this unique Masterclass, please fill out this form to be considered for “scholarship access” to our full 8-part video series Masterclass by Todd Turner.

* by submitting this application I agree to the following 1) If chosen, I will complete ALL lessons in full 2) I will implement as much as my organization can 3) I will share a written testimonial after completion of the course to be used by Todd Turner 4) I will recommend this course to 3 other organizations/churches if fully satisfied at course completion 5) I currently do NOT have a budget and ability to purchase this course 6) I will join Todd's FB Group

Ready to increase your ministry reach and online
generosity at your Christian organization?

Tired of guessing, hoping, and wondering what your digital strategies should be?

These two Masterclasses were built specifically for organizations looking to develop sound, simple, and
effective methods to grow their ministries through online generosity.