“Ministry Backstories” Podcast

Hosted by: Todd Turner


Listen to the stories of the men and women God is using for his Kingdom work and those pouring out God’s grace to hurting people around the globe. From Bible teachers to counselors to those that feed the hungry, pull people from dark places, and missionaries… we look into to the events, personalities, callings, and circumstances of those God is using as His hands and feet.

The best part of my career is getting to hear the backstories of the men and women God is using around the globe to further His kingdom and to pour grace on the lives of those hurting.


My name is Todd Turner and I am blessed to meet and interview many of the founders, patriarchs, and directors of non-profits and the pastors of vibrant churches across the globe.

I decided to capture the wonderful stories of how organizations and ministries started, what events were the catalysts, what drives the passion that gets the staff up each morning.

There are stories we will never know this side of glory… But we can hear little “puzzle pieces” of how God is furthering His Kingdom around the globe.

I hope the listeners and viewers of this podcast are blessed in hearing the “Ministry Backstories” of our guests.

Guest Request
  • Ministry Founders
  • Executive Directors
  • Zoom Interviews
  • 30-60 Minutes

To request an interview, please contact me with website, brief background, and details of who would be interviewed.