Limited resources and moving targets are not good bedfellows. Digital strategies can be filled with high costs, hard to measure ROI, and moving finish lines? How does a faith based executive measure success or green light digital campaigns?

How do we me balance our God-Inspired mission and fundraising? How do we manage the fast based technology leaps with tried and true fundraising strategies.

Managing Technology and Strategies

Constant information overload – “we should try this tactic I just read about.” “This other ministry is doing this or that.” “We need a new website. “My cousin has more likes on Facebook than we do.” “Look at all these great numbers on this report I just put together to justify my last project.” “We need $10k for a new software license.”

Deciding which projects and campaigns are worthwhile or strategic savvy while wearing many hats is often frustrating. Dedicating the time to look deeper into projects and vetting the amount of energy is sometime literally impossible.

Managing the Chaos

There is no shortage of confidence of webmasters, communication directors, marketing departments, vendors, or even volunteers wanting to help non profit organizations try digital ministry, fundraising, and marketing tactics. There are plenty of online classes, resources, reports, trends, and opinions out there. Some free. Some expensive.

Different philosophies, campaigns, designs, color schemes, logos, tag lines, landing pages, software… are followed with mixed results, selective reporting, justification of results… and moving targets.

How do you create a “lens” to view all projects? How do you identify a lighthouse and get EVERYONE to row towards it and litmus test all projects, efforts, and campaigns through the new “lens?”

The Lens

The problem with digital ideas is most of them are short sighted or created in a vacuum.

Creating more likes on Facebook – how does this help our ministry? Did this create new names? Did we increase donations?

We need a new digital logo and a website facelift? – Maybe, but to what end? So it looks better? So we can “fix” the feedback we got over the last 2 years, since our last revamp?

We need to create more compelling videos? – So that we can look as hip as the other church? So we can spend $5k for 250 views on YouTube?

A Helping Hand

Some youth football coaches bring a 3-ring binder of plays to the 8 year old practice. My son won 6 Superbowls in our town…. How? They ran right, they ran left. They blocked and tackled well. The other team threw the ball, ran reverses, trick plays… They called plays that their team didn’t have the talent to run.

Non-profits do this DAILY. They try to run plays meant for someone else. Not running plays THEY CAN or SHOULD EXECUTE.

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