Need a catalyst in the room that can architect change? One that has decades of experience in marketing, operations, technology, and social media and thrives flying high and low?

I can help organizations and individuals identify where they want to go and why, and help them formalize a strategy, tactical plan, and resources to get them there.

My Specialties: Tighten donor messaging on-and-off line. Create proven campaigns that engage new names.

Whiteboarding strategies with leadership teams is what I do best and I work to empower your team to implement and execute the game plan. Each organization is different but many hurdles are the same. I bring years of knowledge and experience to point out the land mines, hidden trails, and highways of digital/marketing projects.

I CAN identify plans that fit your culture and abilities.


  • Email Campaigns
    • Create, tweak, analyze drip marketing and target advertising.
    • Tag Emails and Re-targeting
    • Welcome Flows and Lapsed Donor
    • Segmentation
    • Template Design for various campaigns
  • Content Strategy
    • Social Media (Content, Timing, Campaigns)
    • Emails (Timing, design, A/B testing)
    • Website
    • Apps
  • Data / Report Analysis
    • Root Cause Evaluation
    • Audit and Analysis
    • Search Engine Optimization best practices
    • Dashboard Creation
  • Branding and Messaging
    • CYE and FYE Campaigns
    • Product and Project Launches
  • Donor Relations
    • Increasing online giving
    • Monthly giving programs
  • E-commerce
    • Increased sales and donations
    • Premiums and gifting
  • Decipher what “could” be done and what “should” be done based on resources

Organizational Strategy, Content Strategy, Marketing Plan Development, Digital Transformation, Market Study & Competitive Analysis, Brand Strategy Development, Creative Strategy & Workshopping, Campaign Conceptualization & Planning, Product Launches, Partnership Strategy, Social Media Best Practices, Website Architecture, Content Marketing, Design.


Skill Sets:

  • Experience focusing digital efforts into strategies with measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Oversight of designing and implementing custom web analytics solutions using tools such as Google Analytics and WebTrends
  • Experience coordinating website optimization efforts (dynamically targeted content, A/B and multivariate tests)
  • Experience performing analysis and developing reports to answer critical business questions
  • Passionate to understand the organizations whom I serve and build customer-centric & donor-centric, value-driven digital strategies to help attract more customers/donors and retain them longer.
  • Demonstrate creativity, out-of-the-box thinking, and resourcefulness in leading teams to meet growth goals and the development of each team member
  • Bring “organization stories” to life through effective and engaging digital content across all digital channels that not only connects people with missions, but also to engage lookers to interact.
  • Manage implementation of integrated digital content and experiences that drive increased awareness, consideration, site/store traffic, leads and retention through digital advertising, display, online video, paid/organic search, social media, websites and all other current and future digital channels.
  • Manage digital investments, including budgets, and continually adjust mix/spend optimizations across all digital channels to enhance every dollar spent and maximize results

14 Year Media Ministry Experience