“Nothing is more frustrating than working with technology experts who speak a different language, believe your website is threatened by hackers, and make you feel like it’s your fault. Furthermore, few things are more dangerous than spending dollars in the digital domain to fix problems that never existed.

When you’re looking for someone to guide you toward success in the digital domain, you need to engage Todd Turner.

Todd knows how to spot complicated problems and he knows how to fix them without overspending. But the best part is that Todd understands how to cultivate relationships through the internet that yield the desired results for your organization.

I have watched Todd provide strategic leadership for more than ten years and I am confident he will become a valued member of your team. Invite Todd to attend your management meetings, watch him interact with your staff, and let him bring your digital efforts to the next level.” – Roger Kemp – President Kemp and Company

“Todd Turner has been incredible to work with. He really takes the time to understand the vision and needs of an organization and offers invaluable strategy and insight! He is truly a creative genius and a delight to work with. He helped us strategize a year-end donor campaign that was fresh, unique, and ultimately helped us have our strongest year yet in terms of fundraising…. even in the midst of a global pandemic!” – Harmony Grillo – Treasures

“Todd is an insightful leader with a passion to get things done. His vision is clear and he pursues his projects with relentless ambition, aligning his team to show results. He knows how to navigate internal resources as well as how to leverage to bring out the best in his vendors. A great guy with outstanding focus.” – Trent Ricker – CEO Pursuant Group

“It’s amazing how an outside set of eyes and ears can change the way you look at your own organization. Todd begins by actively listening to what is being communicated. He asks pertinent questions until he precisely understands the organization’s inner workings, vision, and mission. Then he restates it with a fresh succinctness, better than you could have said it yourself. From the broad overview, Todd’s competence moves forward into a profoundly detailed execution to grow an organization from infancy to maturity.

His proficiency in technology allows him to develop an execution plan from the broadest to the finest detail.

In all of Todd’s talent and aptitude, one never loses sight of his kindness, professionalism, and pleasant personality that reveals how he truly cares for the people with whom he works. I would recommend Todd for any organization’s digital and marketing needs without hesitation” – Rhome van Dyck – Sacra Script Ministries

“For any organization desiring to have their web and digital foundation operate successfully, I would look no further than Todd Turner.  Todd’s superior knowledge, expert advice, ability to listen, creative guidance, and incredible work ethic provides the confidence and clarity all organizational leadership teams are looking for.  Todd is able to hear what is said, and what isn’t said; and turn what is needed into a fabulous global reality.  In addition, Todd is incredibly humble, adaptable, dependable, and able to make what appears impossible…absolutely possible.  If there was ever a person who could take on any project, large or small, it is Todd. My work depended on Todd’s presence; behind the scenes yet above and beyond what was expected.  Of greatest value to any organization is Todd’s desire to create a welcoming and powerful online presence. What makes Todd unique is the fact that while he is magnificently intelligent, he is also warm, approachable, open to ideas, creative, and fun. Look no further, Todd’s your guy!  ” Colleen Swindoll – reFraming Ministries

“Todd is one of the most gifted, energetic, and creative people I have worked with in the past 11 years. Both as an employee and also as a fellow executive vice president, Todd served in the marketing and Web departments with a genuine commitment to teamwork, skill, excellence, execution, and integrity. I have no hesitation to recommend him. I would work together with him in a heartbeat.” – Wayne Stiles – Author & Professor

“I have had the privilege of knowing and working alongside Todd for more than 10 years. Todd has the unique ability to fly high above and evaluate every aspect of a campaign from a strategic point of view, while at the same time being able to bury himself in the minor details of a project to ensure that the finer points are under control and accounted for. More importantly, however, Todd is a faithful and honest servant who is quick to deflect praise away from himself and point it back to his team. In the truest sense of the idea, he is collaborator, a team player. ” Chris Baggett – Hope for the Heart

“Todd Turner has one of the brilliant minds of our time. His thinking is outside the box—within the parameters of the organization he works for. He can take a confusing subject and bring it down to the bottom shelf for all to understand. He brings order to chaos in a way that defies awareness. His longtime understanding of Web practices and processes makes campaigns easy-to-understand and execute. He is very fun to be around and brings joy to all he encounters. He has an adventurous spirit. He is visionary. He is grace-filled.” – Deedee Snyder – Sr. VP. Insight for Living

“It was a pleasure working with Todd on the NRB Internet Committee for many years. His knowledge and expertise was critical to the success of our committee. In his day job, Todd has done an amazing job developing, implementing and growing Insight for Living’s digital footprint. Todd is dedicated to his work and to the Kingdom. It is always a pleasure when I get to work on a project with him.” – Nathan Tabor – Consultant, Coach

“I really enjoyed working for Todd. He is an excellent leader for several reasons. When I started as the Web Manager for Insight for Living Ministries, Todd invested his times and talents in me to provide me with a strong foundation to rely on. He was quick to give me things to think about for doing my job better. He always had a strong desire for me to succeed in my position. This was a new experience for me as I was very used to being thrown to the wolves on day one of my previous jobs. Todd’s willingness to invest in me has made me a better leader for my web team and an overall better employee for Insight for Living. Another area where Todd excels is his vision. He is very good at knowing what the end result needs to be, setting project goals, and directing his staff towards achieving the targeted goals. Finally, Todd brought a very positive can-do attitude along with a very strong work ethic to the office every day, and it was contagious. IFL is an overall happy place to work even in the most stressful of times, and Todd was responsible for setting that tone in the Communications Department. Working for Todd was a tremendously positive experience for me and the rest of the IFL staff.” – Bryan Rogers – Web Manager

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Todd Turner, aka Creative Digital Guide, has helped Christian organizations and churches expand their missions and ministries by using the power of stories and the internet to grow new names and increase ministry fundraising since 1996. For decades he has been collecting amazing stories of how God is using men and women around the globe as His hands and feet. Follow @CreativedigitalGuide to see Ministries and Missions in Action. Be encouraged and equipped as Todd shares inspirational stories and news from our brothers and sisters in Christ.