It’s amazing how an outside set of eyes and ears can change the way you look at your own organization. Todd begins by actively listening to what is being communicated. He asks pertinent questions until he precisely understands the organization’s inner workings, vision, and mission. Then he restates it with a fresh succinctness, better than you could have said it yourself. From the broad overview, Todd’s competence moves forward into a profoundly detailed execution to grow an organization from infancy to maturity. His proficiency in technology allows him to develop an execution plan from the broadest to the finest detail. In all of Todd’s talent and aptitude, one never loses sight of his kindness, professionalism, and pleasant personality that reveals how he truly cares for the people with whom he works. I would recommend Todd for any organization’s digital and marketing needs without hesitation.

Rhome van Dyck – Sacra Script Ministries

I have had the privilege of knowing and working alongside Todd for more than 10 years. Todd has the unique ability to fly high above and evaluate every aspect of a campaign from a strategic point of view, while at the same time being able to bury himself in the minor details of a project to ensure that the finer points are under control and accounted for. More importantly, however, Todd is a faithful and honest servant who is quick to deflect praise away from himself and point it back to his team. In the truest sense of the idea, he is collaborator, a team player.

Chris Baggett – Digital Marketer, Human Coalition