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Feeling overwhelmed with leading digital efforts at your organization. If you’re sick and tired of pouring into expensive strategies and want to increase your ministry’s reach.

Non Profits

Does your God sized mission need help? Many organizations are caught in the cycles of spending and guessing what may work for them and need help finding their digital lighthouse.

Church Digital

Churches got thrust into the deep end of Digital Ministry in the Covid pandemic. But most churches are still struggling to learn what non-profits have been doing for a long time now.

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Tired on the “World’s Best Practices?” But yet need to move the needle on collecting new names and donors so you can fund your God-Sized mission? Watch our free Webinar titled

Frustrated looking for strategies that move the needle for your God Sized Mission?

It is not as complex as many make it out to be.

  • Grow New Donors

  • Engage Current Donors

  • Gather New Names

  • Excite potential donors to learn more

My Essentials

The Core “Must Haves” with all digital campaigns and client work

No Guilt Giving

No gimmicks . No creating fake needs. No playing on emotions of givers. Ethical storytelling and fundraising.

Do What We Promised

Spending the gifts EXACTLY on what we promised. With strong systems in place to follow the donation dollars.

Fundraising 101

Many organizations guess and hope with trick plays and internet fads and trends. While missing out on the simple blocking and tackling.

What My Clients Say

Some kind words from my respected clients


When you’re looking for someone to guide you toward success in the digital domain, you need to engage Todd Turner.

Roger Kemp


Todd helped us strategize a campaign that was our strongest year yet in terms of fundraising…. even in the midst of a global pandemic.

Harmony Grillo


I would recommend Todd for any organization’s digital and marketing needs without hesitation.

Rhome Van Dyck

Why Work With Me?

Experienced in Faith Based Non-Profits…

Executive Vice President of a large international non-profit organization where I served over 11 years. Studied digital fundraising strategies in multiple countries, languages, and cultures around the globe. Public Speaker and digital consultant passionate about sharing findings with Faith-Based Non-Profits.

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