“Todd is an insightful leader with a passion to get things done. His vision is clear and he pursues his projects with relentless ambition, aligning his team to show results. He knows how to navigate internal resources as well as how to leverage to bring out the best in his vendors. A great guy with outstanding focus.”

Trent Ricker – CEO Pursuant Group

“Todd Turner has one of the brilliant minds of our time. His thinking is outside the box—within the parameters of the organization he works for. He can take a confusing subject and bring it down to the bottom shelf for all to understand. He brings order to chaos in a way that defies awareness. His longtime understanding of Web practices and processes makes campaigns easy-to-understand and execute. He is very fun to be around and brings joy to all he encounters. He has an adventurous spirit. He is visionary. He is grace-filled.”

Deedee Snyder – Sr. VP. Insight for Living