Believe me, I trust you… your non-profit is amazing. No one does it like you. No one cares as much as you do. Your mission is WORTHY.

So why aren’t your donors giving more? Why isn’t there a line out the door of new donors excited to be a part of your mission?

You mean our donors don’t wake up each day and think about US? Most Americans are busy with their own life, really?

I’m not a helicopter parent. I don’t micro-manage my kids lives. But, I have learned a valuable lesson. No one cares about my kids more than I do. Teachers, coaches, principles all have “other” concerns and my kids are just “ONE” of them. Sometimes I have to bring an injustice to the attention of a leader (In a kind way, of course)  I have no doubt the adults in my children’s lives are great people who care about my children’s well being … but my children’s upbringing are NOT their 1st concern each day.

Same with your organization.

Not every event will be attended by your key donors. Not every email read. Not every direct mail piece will be opened. And they won’t memorize your mission statement either.

You’re selling your message and they are buying with their time. It is a CROWDED space.

How often do you talk to your donors? What channels? Do you only scream vs update? Do you follow up with campaign details?

Does your social media tell your story? Give updates? Do you time posts with direct-mail? Email? Broadcasts?

Donors need tickled. Reminded. Asked. They don’t wake up each day and think of the mission of your non-profit. How you talk to them and how often can be a gentle reminder that YOU help THEM realize their passions… through YOUR MISSION!