A Digital Audit is what many organizations need. Outside eyes can find holes and opportunities in strategies, ask the right questions, and look at the numbers objectively.

I offer a 2-Day Audit which gives analysis, advice, quick-fix, and long-term instructions.

We will get face-to-face for 2 straight days (Hopefully with lots of whiteboards) and discuss your website, e-commerce, social media, email campaigns, etc.

I can do audits with individuals (CEO, the V.P. of Marketing, Director of Web, etc) or with groups (Marketing teams, Communication teams, Web teams, etc) or combinations of the above during our 2 days.

What is a Digital Audit?

We start with these basic questions:
– What are you doing now? (Current campaigns, social, email, website)
– What do you want to do? (What are your goals? Mission?)
– Are you needing new names, donors, purchases, clients, or reservations? (What are your current numbers?)
– What are you capable of doing? (What are you willing to learn, delegate, invest, etc? How big is the team, vendors, and agencies.)

We will discuss:
Are you happy with your current website? App? Backend?
Define success? Pinpoint 3 month and 1 year goals.
Create a punch list for digital success.
I’ll give you tools, resources, ideas, decades of real-world experience, and speak in a language you will understand.

What we will do in your Digital Audit:
Get to know your organization, culture, and needs.
Discuss goals, assets, hurdles, and ideas.
Look at your websites, social media, emails, etc. for improvements and additions.
Look at overall branding and offer feedback and ideas.
Create Digital Plan for content, campaigns, goals, and/or leads.
Make sure you are prepared for success.

Why Todd Turner?

“When you’re looking for someone to guide you toward success in the digital domain, you need to engage Todd Turner.” – Roger Kemp

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Resume: I have been involved in the online donations or purchases of over $50,000,000+ worth of transactions. Both in business and non-profit organizations. I do not use gimmicks, am cautious about fads, but do stress accurate story-telling from an organization and building relationships with donors and purchasers. With a long track record of success, I work with organizations of all sizes across the country.

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