Fundraise with Integrity

Donor’s deserve to have their gifts put EXACTLY where their heart is.

Sometimes gifts are given to an organization, sometimes a gift is given to a person, sometimes a gift is given in order to get something in return… But, each gift should land square in the MISSION of your organization.

As the leaders of faith based non profits, we should take Fundraising Integrity seriously in two areas:

1. Accounting Integrity

2. Marketing Integrity

Accounting Thoughts:

Although my clients frequently hear me say NEVER LET YOUR ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT PICK YOUR ONLINE DONATION PLATFORM, (sign up to receive emails or join our facebook group for more digital strategy tips), I do stress the importance of getting the money flow 100% correct. Earmarked funds need to be flagged and honored. I believe goals that have a finish line need to have wording BEFORE the gift is made that states *Funds above our goal of $650,000 will be used toward our ministry’s greatest need (or general fund). Many organizations do not allow flagged gifts and put all gifts in their general fund. This is great, as long as your marketing team does not imply that a gift will be flagged. This happens often and is confusing to the donor.

Example: Your organization digs wells in Africa for small villages. But one year your team is having a push to buy new equipment to help the team in Kenya dig. The marketing campaign says “Help us buy new shovels.” Your organizations are buying shovels no matter what… your team is just looking for another story to tell… a reason to give. Your web team didn’t change the landing page or the welcome flow and now the donor is confused “I gave $100 for new equipment and I wasn’t thanks for that and I wasn’t ever shown what my gift did.

Use phrases like, when you give to Dig for Love your donations are used to supply fresh water to needy people. Your gifts are used to supply equipment , permits, and manpower onsite in West Africa.

Now, when a donor gets followup, they know that their gift is used in many ways and not JUST for what the lasted campaign was pushing.

Marketing Thoughts:

With the mindset that what God wants, He funds. It is dangerous to listen to best practices for non-profits. I roll my eyes when I read some on the tactics and fundraising philosophies I read online. Make sure your team is careful who they listen to when “learning online fundraising strategies!”

We don’t need gimmicks, we don’t need to create fake needs, and we don’t have to play on emotions of givers.

Ethical storytelling and fundraising while spending the gifts EXACTLY on what we promised.

We don’t need to treat our organization as a business. We are kingdom minded organizations with God-sized missions. Just be 100% honest and transparent.

My free webinar has some valuable mindsets for you and your team. Sign up for a listen. I think you will find this time value.

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Todd Turner, aka Creative Digital Guide, has helped Christian organizations and churches expand their missions and ministries by using the power of stories and the internet to grow new names and increase ministry fundraising since 1996. For decades he has been collecting amazing stories of how God is using men and women around the globe as His hands and feet. Follow @CreativedigitalGuide to see Ministries and Missions in Action. Be encouraged and equipped as Todd shares inspirational stories and news from our brothers and sisters in Christ.