Your web team is running digital campaigns out of order and it is hurting your online donations

Ever try to bake a cake? You must mix the ingredients in the right order. Adding an egg at the end won’t produce the same results of mixing it at the beginning. The order of the ingredients is just as important as the ingredients themselves.

The same concept is true with words. Same three words out of order changes EVERYTHING.

Jonny bit the dog vs The dog bit Jonny

As I work with faith based non profits I see the same thing over and over again. Well-meaning web and marketing teams trying a “best practice” idea they just read about or learned at a conference. Hoping this new campaign will somehow create more donors or new names.

I generally get called in when the board or executive staff have secretly lost faith that the Digital Strategies are gaining the most online donations possible. Or when Executive directors get tired of always “improving the website” or buying new software or signing up for some “Next Greatest Thing” conference.

Web teams frequently get things out of order… but there is an order to building the best Digital Strategies your non profit can build.

Many internet chefs if they haven’t run a kitchen before, and it shows…. And worst, it is costing your organization donations.

  • Getting new names before your have a proven case for support.
  • Paying for new donors without knowing your retention rates
  • Building new websites before you fix the underlying issues with your current site
  • Tweaking your donation pages without knowing and measuring abandonment rates
  • These are just a few key ingredients that frequently get out of order with organizations.

Make sure your organization has the simple blocking and tackling down before they put in the trick plays.

Donation Campaigns need to be run in the right order.

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