Although churches made the leap into online ministry, I can’t believe how many don’t invest into the online giving moments.

I know, Sunday is coming. Our church staffs have been increasing the recording and streaming of our services. Our lighting, sound, and cameras are all better. We are putting a lot of efforts into online ministries. But, we have been neglecting the online giving moments. 

Just putting a giving page on your church website is NOT enough.

The churches I work with are turning their flocks into givers. Even attendees who never give to churches are increasing their generosity to their home churches following simple online efforts.

Sure, you can just leave your website and donation software exactly the way they are and your normal givers will give online and you can say your “growing,” but that will not turn non-givers into givers, turn normal givers into joyful givers, and expand monthly givers within your congregation. 

Meanwhile, the churches I work with are growing their online ministries and gaining more new givers than ever before, even if they’ve been stuck in the whirlwind of online church and website changes.

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It is a much-watch for pastors serious about turning their flock into joyful givers and growing the ministries and reach of their churches.



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