The Worst Consultant Ever

World’s Worst Consultant

No one likes a know-it-all. You know the type – The Type A, with all the answers, before you even finish stating your challenges. The guy with the cookie-cutter, best practices in his back pocket… ready to wow you with some things he took from a TedTalk, a YouTube video, or an info-graphic from Pinterest.

We all dread a guy coming in and telling us “things we can’t do” or things we could have just researched ourselves.

Who needs a consultant? Why bring in a guy you don’t really know? Can an outsider really help your organization anyway?

The Down Side:

  • May have to hear some bad jokes
  • Might have to challenge some “sacred cows”
  • Some team members will assume “we are already are doing great!”
  • Might not have RIO

The Upside:

  • A fresh prospective
  • Success stories in the industry
  • Knowledge of trends
  • Low hanging fruit to-do list
  • Another resource / friend
  • A outsider voice to help key decisions
  • Locating a resource who can move the needle
  • May pay for itself 10x-100x times over

There is a saying among consultants “Ideas have a short shelf life. You must act on them before the expire.”

I have never liked to call myself a consultant and I don’t “sell ideas”. I use the phrase Digital Guide. I take pride in being a partner, not a hired gun. Ideas and opportunities come and go. But a Guide points you in the right direction. Shows you landmines and opportunities.

My goal is to be the voice in the room that asks the right questions to help organizations find their pain points (not just the ones they think they have… the other ones). I help teams discover their areas of improvement. I point management towards options and assist laying out a plan to get us from “here to there.”

Through the years have helped companies and organizations bring in over $40,000,000 online through donations or purchases. I know I can help your organization too. Having lead web teams of “2” to running a Communication team of 17, I have seen how businesses work with in-house teams, through outsourcing, and everything in between.

Most of my clients ask me to come back before I ever leave. I take pride in that.

My name is Todd Turner and I hope to never be on your “Worst Consultant in the World” list. It doesn’t mean all my jokes will be funny!

Contact me to today to see if I can help your organization tell “Its Story.”

“When you’re looking for someone to guide you toward success in the digital domain, you need to engage Todd Turner.Todd knows how to spot complicated problems and he knows how to fix them without overspending.

But the best part is that Todd understands how to cultivate relationships through the internet that yield the desired results for your organization.I have watched Todd provide strategic leadership for more than ten years and I am confident he will become a valued member of your team.

Invite Todd to attend your management meetings, watch him interact with your staff, and let him bring your digital efforts to the next level.”

Roger Kemp – President of “Kemp and Company”


What do I do for a living?

I am frequently asked “What do you do for a living?” Due to the nature of my work and skill sets, I even get asked by my wife, kids, and family members… “What do we tell people you do?”

Since I have worked in the Web world since the mid-1990s, some assume I build websites (still). Some know I have lead communication teams, so they assume I am in Marketing. Some remember I lead an I.T. department, so I must be a “techie.” (This one is way off) 😉

What do I do….?

Because I needed an elevator speech with my new business, I have had to think long and hard about “what do I do and how do I explain it succinctly?”

After much reflection I can say…

I help organizations tell their story!!!

– I help organizations tell their story (Who we are, Why we are, How donors and volunteers can help.)
– I help organizations with their ministry and mission (How can we use technology to do more?)
– I help organizations collect new names (How do we let people know more about us?)
– I help organizations convert new names to donors (How do we get people involved in our mission?)
– I help 1st time donors become partners. (How do we gain true partners?)

I leverage social media, print, email, websites, or apps to spread the non-profit’s story. I weave this storytelling into ALL channels so listeners hear a consistent message from the organization.

I work with internal teams. I work with Web vendors. I work with agencies. I work with script writers. I work with content writers. I work with all the departments, voices, and influencers to create “one voice.”

Every organization is unique, yet they all have many of the same needs and concerns. I assist in customizing communication strategies built for their goals, uniqueness, and resources.

I LOVE what I do. I love seeing God work through people and organizations to further His kingdom work. I am blessed to be a small part of that.

I get a big thrill walking into a non-profit, organization, or business and learning what makes them unique… then getting to work helping them craft and proclaim their STORY!!!!

If you want to see if your organization is a match for my skillsets… give me a call or text 903-816-1010.

Digital Story Teller