How Many Channels?

It was a lot simpler when it was just one or two channels. Now, with websites, apps, vendors, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIN, campaigns, and e-commerce, how is management to know “What is Working?” One of the biggest questions is, where do we put our resources to get the biggest bang-for-the-buck?

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Todd’s thinking is outside the box—within the parameters of the organization he works for. He can take a confusing subject and bring it down to the bottom shelf for all to understand..

Deedee Snyder – Sr. V.P. Insight for Living

Setting up attribution is one thing. Systematically analysing the results and reacting is another. Add one-off campaigns and end-of-years, and defining success can get complicated.

When creating budgets and allocating resources, it is imperative that organizations can prove manpower, vendor contracts, and objectives are justified. An analysis of attribution and data is helpful for upper-management to plan the next year.” –  Todd

non-profit-channels (PDF Download)

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